Synthetic Field Maintenance

Synthetic Field Maintenance

Paint Removal:

Kromer Company offers a full range of products specifically designed to help you maintain your maintain your Synthetic Ball Fields.

The Chameleon package is designed specifically for use on synthetic fields.
  • For paint removal we offer our End Zone Remover "EZR" for rapid and complete removal of painted Logos, End Zones, or other large painted areas. Watch Video
  • Our Line Remover "LR" is an efficient means of removing painted lines from your field. Allows for changing field markings for changing venues. Example, change from soccer, football, lacrosse, etc. Watch Video


Sports turf managers have enough to worry about. Field condition and its appearance need not be one of them. The Kromer Company’s Field Commander® tractor along with its hydraulically actuated synthetic field grooming attachments will make creating a safe, playable and aesthetically pleasing field a manageable task. Knowing what to do - and when, has been difficult for field maintenance staff to decipher. Kromer has simplified the process and incorporated all grooming functions into a complete and thorough 2-step grooming process. The system addresses problems associated with infill compaction, fiber entanglement and capping, poor water infiltration, dust and dirt contamination and uneven infill distribution. The first step utilizes the newly designed Synthetic Field Conditioning Groomer™, which is able to decompact, break up and clean clumped infill, remove magnetic debris, then redistribute and level the infill. The Conditioning Groomer provides indication and visual feedback to the operator, letting him know when the field is properly prepared and ready for the second step. After completion of the first step grooming, loosened and redistributed infill largely lay atop the surface of the grass blade fibers and leaves the field with a dark or black appearance. The second step utilizes the unique Synthetic Field Finish Groomer™ in conjunction with the fluid pressurization system on the Field Commander® tractor to properly reinsert the infill within the straightened grass blade fibers and functions to stand the grass blades back upright. Infill reinsertion is essential for proper support of the grass blades, helping prevent pile lean and flattening, and delivering a long life from your expensive synthetic turf installation. The high-pressure anti-static solution with dual row solution jets quickly and effectively assist this patent-pending process. In addition to the playability, durability and safety traits, the field is now left in an aesthetically prime, game-ready condition.

The Pro Model is equipped to take any and all attachments now and in the future, as your needs change or expand.
  • Maintain the playability and safety your athletes deserve with our Conditioner Groomer. Our Conditioner Groomer is mounted to the Quick Attach Mount plate on the rear of our Field Commander Series of tractors. In one pass, Tines which are adjustable for pressure, and angle for aggressiveness, decompact the infill. Followed by a magnet to collect debris, dual brush rows to straighten fibers and break up infill clumps, and finally a drag mat to level bumps and fill depressions. This action creates a field of uniform density and which your players will notice and appreciate. Available in 74 and 108 inch widths. Watch Video
  • The Kromer Company Appearance Groomer is the easiest way to prepare for the big game. Make your field look its best. After Conditioning Grooming, infill will lay on top of grass fibers creating a black appearance. Our Appearance Groomer has soft natural bristle brooms, that will straighten grass fibers and dual row high flow nozzles that will drive the infill back into the blades of grass. When used in alternating directions this attachment will produce patterning effect. Adding an anti-static solution to the water will help eliminate static buildup and infill clinging to players. Watch Video

Spray Booms and liquid application

  • For applying disinfectant, water, anti-static or other liquids. Spray Booms available in 3 sizes, for dust control while grooming, or application of a variety of chemicals on natural turf or synthetic field applications. SB63, 63 inch width- 2 piece folding, 4 nozzles for a coverage of 80"; SB103, 103 inch width- 2 piece folding, 6 nozzles for a coverage of 120"; SB163, 163 inch width- 3 piece folding, 4 nozzles for a coverage of 180" Watch Video