The City of Richardson has had the pleasure of using Kromer field marking units exclusively for the past 15 years. We are extremely pleased with the quality and features of the equipment. Over the past 15 years, we have purchased four units, and currently utilize two to maintain our kickball, lacrosse, soccer, football, baseball, and softball fields. We have upwards of 80 fields that we use the Kromer equipment for.

Along with the quality of equipment, we have been as equally satisfied with Kromer's service. Whenever we have questions or need parts, we have experienced no issues and fast turn around times.

We have been happy with the equipment and plan to continue purchasing additional units in the future.

Dan Baker, Superintendent of Parks
City of Richardson

Your field is only as good as the staff and equipment.  With that said, the Kromer makes the difference with their one of a kind equipment that does it all.  With Kromer, you will always be steps ahead of others.  With our size complex we can have one machine instead of many.  There are attachments for every job.  With our favorite, the ridge remover, there will never be lips on your diamond.  The Kromer B200 was the best purchase we have ever made. The sooner you buy one, the sooner the compliments will start coming your way! 

Chad Hesla
City of Webster - Diamond Club

Over the past 15 years, The City of Wheat Ridge Parks Division has purchased three Kromer field maintenance machines. In 2012, the Parks Division added a new Kromer Field Commander. The Field Commander is a great fit for our system because it offers ultimate field maintenance versatility for our staff. The unit was customized at the factory to meet our specific needs, allowing one machine to do several tasks, increasing our efficiency allowing our crew to generate high quality, professionally maintained athletic fields.

Mark Ruote, Project Coordinator
Parks, Forestry and Open Space
City of Wheat Ridge, CO

We put over 300 miles a year on each of are 2 Kromer painters, with outstanding line quality, low maintenance and the ability to complete a field quickly. We simply could not do it without them. They are a major factor in the quality of our athletic fields.

Chuck Todd, Supervisor Athletics Fields
Garland Independent School District, TX

I have been a customer of Kromer since 2000 and I have four (4) Kromer machines including the new field commander. I am an independent contractor, we layout and repaint athletic fields, over 200 per week. We rely on these machines entirely. The machines are reliable and very well built I would not use anything else. The new field commander is a high pressure machine and covers very well. Using it has reduced my paint usage in half. When something breaks down, this does not happen very often, the service department is very reliable and I can count on parts to be shipped ASAP.

I have been in business for 20+ years and as an independent contractor the Kromer equipment is the most reliable.

Ron Ellis
Lined Right Athletic Field Marking
Plano, TX

“Our school district purchased the AFM-H13 field machine in the spring of 2008 and this has turned out to be a great piece of equipment. This is a total time saver for our staff and we use one piece of equipment to prepare our softball and baseball fields and it did a super job on the infields. But the real payoff came in the fall with the painting of the football and soccer fields. One staff member is able to paint the field in a quarter of the time over the past years. The lines are wide clean and we used about 1/2 the amount of paint. We have always painted the hash marks on the field by hand with a small tank. With this piece of equipment we spray the yard lines and the hash marks with one pass. The field looks great. The equipment is easy to clean and only takes a small amount of maintenance.

The customer service provided from Kromer is top notch and they have taken care of our school district’s needs. Our fields look great and I have heard many compliments from residents of our school system. I would highly recommend Kromer equipment for quality field preparation.”

Robert Parent, Director of Building & Grounds
School District of New Richmond

“The time savings provided by my Kromer is a life saver. It allows a person to paint soccer fields and foul lines without the need of a trailer to get to both fields. The front mounted spray head follows the contours of the ground allowing for straight lines on uneven areas of the field. I will replace my 10 plus year old Kromer with a newer model when I need the hydraulic package for other uses until then my only painter will be a Kromer.”

Roger Weinbrenner, Sports Turf Manager
University of St. Thomas

"Our three Kromers allow us to line up to 50 fields weekly using 5,000 gallons of paint annually. They not only make it possible to get the job done but with a 60% savings in time over previous procedures. The Kromers’ great design, durable construction and extremely low maintenance has proven to be one of our best purchases. In addition to the excellent job by the Infield Groomer, the Ridge Remover attachment is “the best friend of infield players” from 1st to 3rd base. It easily removes the clay buildup ridge on the sod that creates crazy hops for both baseball and softball players. Thank you for making our job easier in providing the best surface.”

Robert Hudzik, Stadium & Athletic Field Supervisor
Penn State University, PA

“I am still quite happy with our new paint station. We found another benefit in that it is semi-portable. Our maintenance building was being remodeled which required me to relocate my paint area for a few weeks. It was no problem to just lift up the paint mixing station and relocate it. It was back in business in about a 1/2 hour. With the ease of cleaning and user friendly mixing procedure, it has reduced my paint mixing labor by 50%.”

Paul Miskimen, Parks Maintenance
City of Burnsville

“The Kromer has been one of the best equipment purchases we have made. During the spring and summer camp seasons we are painting our fields on a weekly schedule. With the Kromer we have been able to reduce the painting time by almost half and with less paint. What has been really impressive is how accurate and straight we can keep the lines.”

Kevin Yeiser, Director of Grounds & Athletic Facilites
Lebanon Valley College

“Our Kromer AFM piece of equipment is a great all-around machine. We use it in small skinned areas like shot put pits to big areas like warning tracks. It’s a great off field painter when we paint our Cross Country course and not having to re-fill the tank. Great labor and time saver. One use we found out is that going backwards with the stiff tines down you can loosen up high, rough or firm skinned areas. Great way to get your skinned areas level and consistent. A must have for your sports turf fleet. They have knowledgeable sales staff and good customer service.”

Mike McDonald, Turf Manager
University of Minnesota